Discover a unique ecosystem of rainforest and savanna and see primates and hot springs.

Semuliki National Park

Semuliki National Park is on the western border of Uganda, where the rivers Semuliki and Lamia form the border between Uganda and D.R. Congo. It is in the isolated Bundibugyo district, beyond the Rwenzori Mountains, on the floor of the Semuliki section of the Albertine Rift Valley.

The flora and fauna show strong affinities with the Congo basin forest, with many species reaching the eastern limits of their range in the Semuliki forest. This highlights how the largely forested park represents the easternmost limit of the great Ituri Forest of the Congo basin and contains numerous species associated with central, rather than eastern Africa. The park’s unique bird life provides the core reason for bird watchers to visit it. However, with 2 hot springs just a kilometre apart, it’s also an interesting and easy stop-over for other tourists.

Species diversity:
31 of the park’s 440+ bird species are West African.  Along with one primate species and one butterfly species, Semuliki forms the eastern-most boundary of their range, thereby offering opportunities to see wildlife that is not found elsewhere in Uganda or East Africa.

Semuliki is one of Africa’s most bio-diverse forests.  As well as being particularly notable for its birdlife, which includes over 200 species of true forest birds, such as Sassi’s olive greenbul and white crested hornbill, the park is home to 53 mammal species.  These include including Beecroft’s flying squirrel, the water chevrotain and Zenker’s flying mouse – nocturnal animals of West Africa. Other animals to see are the Chimpanzee, red colobus, de Brazza’s and Dent’s Mona monkeys, as well as buffalo, elephants, pygmy hippos and leopards.

Size and accessibility:
The Park is part of the Albertine Rift valley and covers an area of 220 km².

By Car:
From Kampala it’s a drive of around 6 hours –  approximately 340km.

By Air:
It is possible to fly to Kasese and drive to Semuliki in around 2 hours.

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