About Kikooko Africa Safaris

Kikooko’s Mission

Kikooko Africa Safaris Ltd. was started from a singular passion growing up: to share the love of Uganda with the rest of the world.

Since its founding in 2013, Kikooko Africa Safaris has grown to become an international brand known for providing immersive safaris that have a positive impact.

We combine expert local knowledge with international standards of service and professionalism to provide safaris in Uganda and throughout East Africa that explore the expansive wilderness in an intimate, thoughtful, and responsible way.

Kikooko’s Community Impact

We ensure our business has a positive impact within the communities and environments we work by investing to support community projects, opportunities for our youth, and environmental initiatives.

The Name Kikooko

Kikooko Africa Safari’s founder, Warren, comes from a place in Uganda that is the home to the Bakiga people who live in the hills and mountains that create the region’s spectacular scenery. In Rukiga, the local language of the Bakiga people, Kikooko means “animal.” 

We chose Kikooko (pronounced “chick-oh-ko”) because the diverse range of animals in Uganda is such an enticing reason to visit and we are passionate about their conservation and protection.

By fostering that connection between the traveler and our home – the people, the land, and the wildlife – we are able to use our trips to make a real impact in East Africa.

Kikooko is more than just a tour company, it’s a dreammaker for both our clients and the local people whose lives it helps to transform. When you choose to travel with us, you choose to transform a life.

Meet Team Kikooko

Uganda Ground Team

Alex Biryomumesho

Head Guide

As the Head Guide at Kikooko Africa Safaris, Alex leads with discipline and teamwork. Given his experience of over 10 years in tour guiding, he has built a smart professional experience and developed great passion for community and cultural activities, delivering some of the best cultural experiences in the country proven by our client reviews.

His background in health work and health studies makes him perfect for his job. Offering first aid, health advice and emphasizing healthy habits among his subordinates comes in handy in delivering safe, and successful tours across the country. His rooted networks with fellow driver guides, site guides, accommodation staff , community and park rangers keeps him informed and updated, improving the service delivery of all tour guides at Kikooko Africa Safaris.

Ivan Akampurira

Senior Guide

As an experienced tour safari guide at Kikooko Africa Safaris, and IT personnel, Ivan is passionate about showcasing the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Africa to visitors from around the world, in the most professional and experiential way as set by Kikooko standards. With extensive knowledge of the region's diverse ecosystems, wildlife, and local traditions, in relation to the tourism and travel industry, Ivan strives to provide unforgettable and enriching experiences for every traveler.

With a focus on sustainable tourism practices, he is committed to preserving the environment and supporting local communities through responsible travel. My skills in computer and information technology come in handy for the company, whose business is mostly done on-line and via gadgets that he helps fix, this also allows him to offer such help to his clients on tours.

Aminah Tushemereirwe

Assistant Director

“My strengths and success has come from ensuring that the most important services like accommodations, permits and transport are booked in time.”

Aminah the Assistant Director of Kikooko Africa Safaris is a passionate member of the tourism community in Uganda, having chosen to practice her skills in the tourism and travel industry in 2011, after her undergraduate degree in Engineering. Furthering her studies at Kingston University in the UK exposed her to new skills in building systems and managing data.

Traveling the country has also helped her gain great knowledge of the industry. Building systems that have helped the company grow to provide and deliver the best services to clients, and performing in reservations, sales, data management and finances has developed her expertise and experience in tourism. Under her guidance, Kikooko has been able and continues to excellently make dreams a reality for hundreds of people across the globe!

Lydia Ankwasa

Sales Consultant

Lydia is an environmentalist by profession and a mother who has passionately worked with vulnerable children. Her humble Christian-centered background, plus having had an opportunity to work with children under Compassion International, gives her the great knowledge to understand the values she should always add to people and nature.

She has vast experience in my area of study and conservation of our natural resources is her daily practice, right from home to the field. Working with Kikooko Africa Safaris gives her an opportunity to advocate for sustainable environmental practices for the benefit of the present and future generations. She calls on all of us to join for this noble cause, that Kikooko Africa Safaris fights to achieve.

Peace Musiime

Sales Consultant

Peace is a passionate tourism professional with over four years of hands-on experience in the tourism and travel industry. Her passion can be seen through different stages of her career, from her early days as a tourism student to her current role as a sales consultant (Head Of Sales - Kikooko Africa Safaris).

Peace has experience in knitting memorable travel plans, and her attention to detail, deep knowledge of popular destinations, and passion for creating unique travel experiences makes her a resource for any clients, seeking unforgettable adventures. With her extensive background in tourism study and training, Peace is well-equipped to turn your travel dreams of a luxurious, adventurous, cultural or even backpacking nature into reality. Her enthusiasm comes from her patience and determination as She continues to be a passionate learner in the field.

Marion Kusemererwa

Office Support/Procurement Personnel

Marion is a dedicated, versatile and hard working individual with proven knowledge and experience in implementing policies and procedures ,coordination for multiple acquisitions from due diligence to conversion. The ability to blend work with passion is her greatest aspect in her career and can be seen through her work with Kikooko Africa Safaris, as the Head of procurement and the Kikooko agritourism projects.

Her extensive skills in procurement, farming, tourism, and hospitality make her outstanding in organizing agritourism, food tasting and cultural experiences. She is delighted to help you experience any food production activity from the basics of farming to processing and more.

Our Affiliations

We are proud to be members of the following organisations that support responsible, safe tourism efforts throughout Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

Uganda Tourism Board – Uganda’s official government body responsible for promoting and marketing Uganda as a tourist destination.

Uganda Wildlife Authority – The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is a government agency responsible for managing and conserving Uganda’s wildlife and protected areas. ​

AMREFAMREF Flying Doctors is the leading provider of fixed – wing air ambulance services in Africa.

USAGA – The USAGA builds and strengthens the capacity of its members to provide safari guiding services in Uganda.​

Agro-Tourism Association – Agro-Tourism Association is dedicated to agricultural development, empowering farming communities, and connecting tourism and land.​

Sanlam – Sanlam is a diversified financial services company headquartered in South Africa, with a strong presence in more than 30 countries on the African continent, including those in East Africa.​

Let’s start planning your next safari.

Warren Ankwasa

Founder, Kikooko Africa Safaris

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