16 Examples To Help You Plan That First Special Uganda Safari

If you’re looking for a Uganda safari to make your 2023 a truly memorable one, you likely have a number of considerations in mind.

For one, you’ve got to start with your budget. When you know how much you’re able to spend and how many people are coming on your trip, you can then get an idea of how long your trip is going to be. In case this is your first time considering a Uganda tour, we’ve outlined the cost of a Uganda safari here.

Then you’re going to want to think about your absolute must-sees. For many first-time Uganda safaris, that includes tracking mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, seeing some of Uganda’s more than 1,000 birds, and enjoying some captivating game drives – along with an inspiring community visit or two!

When you have your budget and your list of activities, you can then consider the right length for your trip. Some of you may have a specific number of vacation days that you’re allowed to take, so you may consider how to get the most out of a fewer number of total days. Others may have more flexible schedules, and choose more leisurely safaris to spend more time in the Pearl of Africa.

And that’s where Kikooko Africa Safaris comes in. For every traveler’s timeline, we have an itinerary! While we pride ourselves on our tailor-made Uganda safaris (just send us a message and we’d be happy to start designing yours), we also know it’s helpful to be able to see what kinds of trips can be arranged depending on your timeline.

So, just how long is the average Uganda safari?

In our experience, travelers to Uganda tend to come for 10 days, 2 weeks, or 3 weeks. Of course, this depends on the variables above. We do find that with those lengths of time, you can check off your main activities and enjoy many of the wonders that the Pearl of Africa has to offer.

To help you start planning your own trip to East Africa, we’re sharing each of our Uganda safari itineraries for you by length. Below you’ll find the name of the tour, a few of its highlights, and a link to review it more completely. 

4-Day Uganda Safari: The Grace of the Mountain Gorillas

Highlight: This Uganda safari is all about taking you straight to Bwindi National Forest to let you take part in mountain gorilla tracking.

Learn more about the Grace of the Mountain Gorillas safari here.

7-Day Uganda Safari: Scale the Rwenzori Mountains

Highlight: The Rwenzori Mountain range has the third-tallest mountain in Africa and is also one of only three places in Africa that still has glaciers. This amazing trek takes you to the top of this fascinating place!

Learn more about our Scale the Rwenzori Mountains tour here.

9-Day Uganda Safari: Explorers Primate Safari

Highlight: Uganda is a country filled with many natural wonders. While the drive between the parks holding its incredible wildlife can be filled with their own compelling community visits and local adventures, sometimes time is of the essence. This safari is designed to cut-down on car time by providing internal flights to the top national park destinations in Uganda, giving you more time with primates like the mountain gorillas, Golden Monkeys, and chimpanzees. 

Learn more about the details of our Explorers Primate Safari here.

10-Day Uganda Safari: At Home With The Mountain Gorillas

Highlight: More than just the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is your home away from home.

In addition to the warmth and hospitality of visiting a country frequently ranked as one of the most inviting in the world, Uganda is home to the rare mountain gorilla. With over half of the remaining mountain gorillas in Uganda, this is truly their home – and this 10-day Uganda safari is your invitation to come in and stay a while.

Learn more about the At Home With The Mountain Gorillas tour here.

10-Day Uganda Safari: Primate Habituation

Highlight: For the essential primate experience, this 10-day Uganda safari will introduce you to amazing primates all throughout Uganda. With opportunities to experience a day each of chimp tracking, mountain gorilla tracking, and Golden Monkey habituation, you’re sure to take away some indelible memories, not to mention some great photos. A truly unique African safari experience!

Learn more about our Primate Habituation safari here.

10-Day Uganda Safari: Summit Uganda

Highlight: ​​With one of the only three remaining glaciers in all of Africa and one of Africa’s highest peaks, Uganda is a hiker and mountaineer’s dream. Margherita Peak is Africa’s third highest peak, although the real beauty of this Uganda tour is in the climb up the Kilembe route where the forest flora is diverse and the valleys a mass of ferns.

The trees are alive with many species of birds and primates and, as you walk up the trail, you will see chimp nests high up in the tall trees. The reward and exhilaration of reaching the top is enormous as you look across Albert Peak to Congo, then east across the spectra of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Find out more about our Summit Uganda tour here.

12-Day Uganda Safari: Find the Big Five in Uganda

Rhinoceros in Uganda

Highlight: Seeking out The Big Five beasts — lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African buffalo — is a time-honored way to enjoy a trip to Africa. Doing so in Uganda – one of the few countries that hosts all five! – is even more spectacular.

This 12-day Uganda safari introduces you to the best parks of the north, including Kidepo National Park, a remote gem well worth the visit. In addition to spectacular animal sights like the rare white rhino, you’ll see the Nile at its gentle source at Jinja and its thundering descent at Murchison Falls. The adventurous can even choose to round off the trip with some thrill-seeking at Jinja.

Find out more about the Find the Big Five in Uganda tour here.

14-Day Uganda Safari: Untapped Uganda

A tree-climbing lion having a nap.

Highlight: Go beyond the ordinary with a Uganda adventure that introduces you to the country as it really is. This exceptional African safari includes highlights like the hot springs of remote Semuliki National Park, the unforgettable mountain gorillas, and the unusual tree-climbing lions of Ishasha. Plus, you’ll have plenty of chances to engage with the local people and get to know what makes Uganda so special.

Find out more about our Untapped Uganda tour here.

15-Day Uganda Safari: Inspiring Uganda

Highlight: In Uganda, there’s inspiration around every bend in the road and behind every tree. With Inspiring Uganda, we take you beyond those roads for an inspiring and energizing 15-day Uganda safari.This experience-packed adventure features in-depth explorations of five of Uganda’s National Parks.

These parks, each with their own distinct landscape and opportunities, are gateways to Uganda’s most stunning wildlife, from rare white rhinos and cheeky chimps to the rare mountain gorillas.

Find out more about the Inspiring Uganda tour here.

15-Day Uganda Safari: Beautiful Birds of Uganda

Highlight: This 15-day Uganda birding safari is made for the avid birdwatcher who wants to get to know one of the most diverse countries in East Africa. From tracking the prehistoric-looking Shoebill to Shelley’s crimson wing and the red bishop, this trip takes travelers across Uganda, delivering plenty of unique bird-watching moments along the way.

Learn more about the Beautiful Birds of Uganda safari here.

15-Day Uganda Safari: Explorers Safari

bwindi nature walk

Highlight: With so much to see throughout Uganda, Explorers Safari 15-Day Uganda Safari makes sure you maximize your time on the ground. By taking to the air and flying between the major destinations on this safari, you’ll cut down on time spent in-transit and have that much more for enjoying a truly memorable array of wildlife and landscapes.

You’ll see animals big and small, traverse flat savannah and hilly rain forests, and make meaningful memories engaging with local people. There’s an option to extend the safari to take in the remote Kidepo National Park – a real gem.

Learn more about the Explorers Safari here.

17-Day Uganda Safari: The Shining Pearl of Africa

Highlight: Uganda was once called the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill for its verdant beauty and incredible wildlife. Beyond that, it’s the people that make the Pearl of Africa really shine, which is why it’s our honor to present this energetic 17-day Uganda safari.

Filled with community visits along the way, this journey takes you across a whole spectrum of landscape; from the snow-capped Rwenzoris, to the dense rainforest at Bwindi, stunning lake at Bunyonyi and miles of savannah at Kidepo. Trekking, primate tracking, game drives, and birds – this adventure has it all.

Find out more about our Shining Pearl of Africa tour here.

21-Day Uganda Safari: You and Uganda

Highlight: The Pearl of Africa will always hold a special place in our heart. As a tour company based in Uganda, we are beyond proud of the opportunity to share everything that makes Uganda unique – the landscapes, the animals, and the people – we cherish it.

And that’s exactly what the You & Uganda 21-Day Uganda Safari is about. In addition to traditional game safari activities, you’ll have lots of opportunities to meet and interact with local people as they share their everyday lives with you. Learn to cook with them and even help to make – and sample – their favorite local beer.

Find out more about our You and Uganda tour here.

22-Day Uganda Safari: Essential Uganda

Highlight: For those travelers who want to experience everything Uganda has to offer, Essential Uganda is for you. This 22-day Uganda safari gives you plenty of time to enjoy the very best of the Pearl of Africa. From mountain gorilla tracking in the mountains to Big Five animal spotting on the savannah; tree-swinging chimps to tree-climbing lions; the gentle source of the Nile to its thundering descent through Murchison Falls, you will truly get a sense of the variety that a Ugandan safari entails.

Learn more about the Essential Uganda safari here.

22-Day Uganda Safari: Birders Paradise

Highlight: Uganda is home to over 1,000 species of birds. This 22-day Uganda birding safari extravaganza is designed especially for the enthusiastic birdwatcher. You’ll track birds like the prehistoric-looking Shoebill, the rare Shelley’s crimson wing, and the vibrant red bishop across Uganda’s diverse landscapes and environments.

With traditional game drives and optional mountain gorilla and chimp tracking as well, you’ll have plenty of amazing memories to take home.

Learn more about our Birders Paradise safari here.

24-Day Uganda Safari: Dancing With Uganda

Highlight: In this exciting new community-oriented twist on the traditional African safari, you’ll have the chance to take part in adventurous activities, spot incredible wildlife, and get to know how the Ugandan people really live. With environmental education and conservation — along with laughing and dancing — you’ll have an experience in Uganda that you’ll take with you forever.

Learn more about the Dancing With Uganda safari here.

Creating Your Own Uganda Safari Itinerary

Now that you have an idea of what you can see in Uganda with the time you have, let’s make your Uganda safari your own. Contact our expert team at Kikooko Africa Safaris to get started today.


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