Uganda COVID-19 Requirements & PCR Testing For Tourists

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Currently, travelers must show proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to their arrival in Uganda and 72 hours prior to their departure from Uganda.

Below, we’ve collected the most recent information for COVID-19 requirements and PCR testing locations in Uganda. The information is intended to be a useful resource. As the health situation is constantly changing, we encourage you to double-check for the most recent status.

Updated Information On COVID-10 Requirements For Tourists Traveling To Uganda

As of Wednesday, February 16th, 2022, incoming travelers at Entebbe Airport will no longer have a mandatory COVID-19 screening.

The Director General of Health Services, Dr. Henry G. Mwebesa, recently shared an update that the Ministry of Health had stopped mandatory testing at the airport.

This suspension is due to two changes:

  1. Decline in positive cases being identified at Entebbe International Airport
  2. Overall reduction in the global threat of new COVID-19 variants of concern, and with that, a reduced risk that this would related to increased community transmission

While the airport testing has been submitted, there are still requirements in place. Travelers coming to Uganda need a valid negative PCR test 72 hours before their departure flight is scheduled to leave.

Travelers exiting Uganda will need to follow the same procedure by showing proof of a negative PCR test 72 hours before their departure flight from Entebbe International Airport.

For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19, please check the Ministry of Health’s dedicated COVID-19 page.

Where To Find Rapid COVID-19 PCR Tests In Uganda For Travel

The majority of accredited laboratories will deliver their test results in 12 hours or less, and often within just 6 to 8 hours. For travelers who need same-day service PCR tests or have a more urgent need, the following companies offer expedited COVID-19 testing.

  1. Test & Fly – Offering emergency test results in just 1.5 hours (for USD 100) and general testing with results in 6 hours (USD 60), Test & Fly’s test centers are located in Kampala and Entebbe. After your test, Test & Fly delivers PCR results digitally through e-mail and WhatsApp. They can also be securely accessed online by airports and airlines to eliminate inconvenience due to lost/forgotten paper certificates. However, it is advisable to carry the paper version with you.

  2. Victoria Medical Services – The test center located on the main road in Entebbe. It is very well organised and will deliver the results through e-mail and WhatsApp within 6 hours. The physical version of your test results can be picked up on your way to the airport.

  3. Same Day Laboratories – With a testing facility just 10 minutes from Entebbe Airport, Same Day Laboratories offers Premium PCR tests for results in just 6 hours (UGX 350,000 / USD 100) and Basic PCR tests for results within 12 hours (UGX 250,000 / USD 70). For traveler convenience, they also offer Home/Hotel service within 50km of Kampala & Entebbe as an option for their Premium PCR Test (a UGX 100,000 transportation fee is required

Where Else Tourists Can Get COVID-19 PCR Tests

Though several of the companies above have specific information about Ugandan PCR tests for traveling, the tests themselves are the same. Some test centers offer to collect the samples at your accommodation for your convenience. Tourists may not have a chance to make it back to Kampala before their flights, so if you’re looking for other PCR testing locations and laboratories in Uganda, read on.

According to the Central Public Health Laboratories, there following 26 accredited laboratories are able to carry out COVID-19 testing in Uganda:

  1. Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI)
  2. Central Public Health Laboratory (CPHL)
  3. Infectious Disease Institute (IDI)
  4. Makerere University
  5. Mild May Laboratory
  6. Tororo Mobile Laboratory
  7. Mutukula Mobile Laboratory
  8. Adjumani Mobile Laboratory
  9. Joint Clinical Research Center (JCRC)
  10. MBN Laboratory
  11. Medipal International Hospital
  12. Test and Fly Laboratory
  13. Uganda Cancer Institute, Fred Hutchison Laboratory
  14. IOM Laboratory
  15. ANCA Biotech
  16. Case Clinic
  17. MSF-Epicentre Lab Mbarara
  18. Rakai Health Sciences
  19. TestXpress Laboratories
  20. Lancet Laboratories
  21. Gulu University Biomedical Center
  22. City Medicals
  23. MSF Epicenter Labs, Mbarara
  24. ATCG Laboratories
  25. MAIA Group Labs
  26. Same Day Covid-19 Labs

For tourists looking for COVID-19 PCR tests near Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest, testing is now available at Bwindi Hospital at a cost of USD 40 per person. The turnaround time for tests is 6 hours.

Getting Your COVID-19 Test While Traveling Through Uganda

For more information on how to get a PCR test while you are touring through Uganda, check in with your travel agent or tour company. 

Our policy at Kikooko Africa Safaris is to make sure our tourists know ahead of time when and where their test will happen.

As a final note about the above information:, though we have researched and checked the information, we are aware that the health situation in Uganda – and around the world – is ever-changing. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information, so we remind you to check travel restrictions again for yourself and where you are traveling to. You are also welcome to get in touch with us and we’d be happy to share any changes or updates that haven’t been covered here.

We ourselves are not responsible for any of the testing. It is carried out by third parties that we have no affiliation or association with nor any stake in. As such, we are not liable or responsible for any issues, delays or problems encountered during the testing process or the performance or non-performance of the testing facilities.


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