Relax on Lake Victoria beaches and visit the wildlife sanctuary and botanical gardens.


Entebbe is perhaps best known for the rescue of 100 hostages at the Entebbe airport in 1976. The town sits on a peninsula on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, about 40 km from Kampala the capitol City. ‘Entebbe means ‘seat’ / ‘chair’ in the local language, Luganda.  Entebbe was the seat of the colonial governor in the early 1900’s and is now the residence and the official office location of the President of Uganda. Entebbe is the seat of power in the country.

Entebbe, with its clean air, botanical gardens, parks and the lake is a nice place to visit and live. From the shores of Lake Victoria trips to the various islands, like Ssese or Ngamba can be booked. Many people from Kampala spend their weekends relaxing in Entebbe.

The historical site in Kigungu where the first Catholic missionaries, Brother Amans and Father Mon Maple Lourdel, landed is in Entebbe.  The town is also home of the oldest golf course in East Africa called Entebbe Golf Club, which was established in 1900.

Entebbe has a tropical rainforest climate. The hottest month is February with an average temperature of 22.8 °C, while the coolest month is July with average temperature of 20.6 °C.

During the day it is safe to walk along the roads around Entebbe, but after dark it is advised to drive to your destination. The safest way to ask for a private taxi, recommended by friends or the hotel.

By Car:
Entebbe is about 1 hour’s drive from Kampala, sometimes a lot longer because of traffic jam.

By Air:
The international airport is in Entebbe. Both domestic (small aircraft) and international flights are operated by the airport.

Entebbe Wildlife Centre (Zoo)
Botanical Gardens
Entebbe Market
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