The Guide to Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania


Your Complete Guide to Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania

Chimpanzee trekking offers a captivating journey into the world of one of humanity’s closest relatives. This adventure is more than just a wildlife encounter – it’s an exploration into the lives of chimpanzees, offering a profound connection with these intelligent and charismatic creatures.

As a local Uganda-based safari company, we are excited to present this guide to chimpanzee trekking in East Africa. We’ve crafted it to help you realize your dreams of observing these fascinating animals in their natural habitat.

Continue reading for an in-depth look at chimpanzee trekking and get ready for an adventure that takes you beyond the usual, into the heart of East Africa’s rich forests.


What Makes Chimpanzee Trekking So Special

Being able to spend from one hour (or up to a whole day with the habituation permit) with a family of chimpanzees is a rare and enchanting experience that’s unique to the lush forests of East Africa. Here’s what makes this trek into the wild so remarkable:

In The Company Of Our Closest Relatives

This is your chance to spend time with chimpanzees, observing as they solve problems, use tools, and interact within intricate social networks. This is an unparalleled glimpse into the animal kingdom that closely mirrors human behaviors. 

Untouched Wilderness

Chimpanzee trekking offers a journey through some of East Africa’s most remote and lush rainforests. These hidden gems are far from the beaten path, allowing for a tranquil and intimate connection with nature. The verdant, unspoiled habitats are a haven for biodiversity, providing shelter to not only chimpanzees but also other wildlife species, making every trek a discovery.

Diverse Ecosystems

The trek takes you through varied ecosystems, from dense jungle floors to canopy-covered heights. Each environment offers its own unique beauty and hosts different aspects of wildlife, making the trek a holistic nature immersion. The changing scenery around every bend ensures a rich, sensory experience that captivates and delights adventurers.

Support for Conservation and Community

Joining a chimpanzee trek supports ongoing efforts to conserve these primates and their habitats. The fees from trekking permits help fund wildlife protection initiatives and community projects that improve the livelihoods of local residents. By choosing to trek, you contribute to sustainable tourism practices that benefit conservation and community development alike.

Cultural Insights

Chimpanzee trekking also opens the door to meaningful cultural exchanges with the local communities surrounding the trekking sites. Interacting with residents and learning about their ways of life, their relationship with the environment, and their conservation efforts enriches your understanding of the region’s cultural fabric. These interactions highlight the interconnectedness of human and wildlife coexistence in this region.


Where To Go Chimpanzee Trekking in East Africa

When you visit Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania, you’ll discover that their diverse ecosystems are also perfect for chimpanzee trekking. Here are the prime locations across these nations where you can embark on a memorable chimpanzee trekking adventure:

Kibale National Park, Uganda

Step into the lush, evergreen rainforests of Kibale National Park, renowned for having one of the highest densities of primates in the world. This park is home to a large population of chimpanzees, where visitors can observe these fascinating creatures as they play, hunt, and interact in their natural habitat. Kibale offers both chimpanzee trekking and habituation experiences, providing an intimate glimpse into the daily lives of chimpanzees.

Budongo Central Forest Reserve, Uganda

Budongo Forest Reserve is located on the Albertine Rift south of Murchison Falls National Park. At 826 square kilometers, it is the largest natural forest in Uganda. It is divided into three major tourist sites – Kaniyo Pabidi, where trekking takes place, Busingiro and Sonso. There are over 600 chimps that call this large forest home, only a smaller community of which has been habituated and opened to tourism.

Kalinzu Central Forest Reserve, Uganda

The Kalinzu Forest Reserve is located in Bushenyi district in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda’s western region. It is home to over 200 chimps and 5 other primate species including L’Hoest monkeys, blue monkeys, olive baboons, velvet monkeys, and black and white Colobus monkeys.

Kyambura Gorge - Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

Located within Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kyambura Gorge offers a distinct trekking experience in a dramatic rift valley setting. Adjacent to one of the best parks for wildlife viewing in Uganda, this is a popular destination for primate encounters, too.

Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda

Explore the ancient montane rainforest of Nyungwe National Park, a haven for chimpanzee enthusiasts. The park offers guided treks to see chimpanzees and other primates, such as the Ruwenzori colobus, in their natural surroundings. Nyungwe is also known for its rich biodiversity, including numerous bird species, orchids, and butterflies.

Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania

Venture into the iconic Gombe Stream National Park, made famous by Jane Goodall’s pioneering research on chimpanzee behavior. This park offers a rare opportunity to see chimpanzees up close in their natural environment. Trek along the scenic lake shores and through the lush forests as you observe these primates in the wild, an experience that connects you deeply with the history of primatology.

Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania

Situated along the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Mahale Mountains National Park provides an idyllic setting for chimpanzee trekking. The park's remote location ensures an exclusive experience, where chimpanzees roam freely in the shadow of the majestic Mahale Mountains. With its dramatic landscapes and clear waters, Mahale offers a unique blend of terrestrial and aquatic experiences.


Choosing the Perfect Time for Chimpanzee Trekking in East Africa

Located along the equator, East Africa, including Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania, enjoys a climate of relatively steady temperatures throughout the year, ideal for chimpanzee trekking.

Chimpanzee Trekking During The Dry Seasons

The dry months of June to September and December to February are perfect for chimpanzee trekking, as well as other primate viewing, including mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. During these periods, the trails are drier and visibility is enhanced, making your trek through the lush forests more manageable and enjoyable.

The Best Months for Chimpanzee Trekking

The best months for chimpanzee trekking are during the dry seasons, which typically occur from June to September and from December to February. During these periods, the weather is more predictable with minimal rainfall, ensuring that the forest trails are drier and less slippery, which makes hiking more manageable and enjoyable.

  • Uganda and Rwanda: In these countries, the dry seasons provide clearer paths and better visibility through the dense forests, where chimpanzees are native. This enhances your chances of observing these primates as they engage in daily activities without the obstruction of heavy foliage or the hindrance of mud.

  • Tanzania: Similarly, in Tanzania, particularly in Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains National Parks, the dry season is preferable for trekking. The lower humidity and reduced rainfall during these months not only make trekking conditions more comfortable but also lead to higher wildlife visibility along the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Uganda Safaris During The Wet Seasons

In the verdant regions of East Africa, the wet seasons unfold from mid-September to November and from March to May, bringing refreshing rains that rejuvenate the landscape.

The wet seasons transform the terrain into a vibrant tapestry of intense greens, enhancing the natural beauty of the chimpanzee habitats. 

Lush Landscapes and Vibrant Flora

The rains invigorate the flora, creating a lush environment that supports an array of wildlife activities. Trekking during these months allows you to experience the forests at their most alive, with new leaves, flowers, and fruits adorning the paths.

Exclusive Wildlife Encounters

With fewer tourists venturing out in the rain, the wet season offers a quieter and more serene trekking experience. This period is particularly special for observing chimpanzees as they interact with the elements, use the wet conditions to their advantage, and display unique behaviors not often seen during the dryer months.

Spectacular Birdwatching

The increased rainfall during these months attracts a plethora of bird life, including migratory species that visit the region. The dense and revitalized forests become a hub for birdwatching, offering enthusiasts the chance to observe a wide variety of birds in vibrant plumage and active display.

Keep in mind that while the wet season is comparatively wetter than the dry season, it is not as extreme as it sounds. Often, the wet season means a morning rain of an hour or two, leaving the rest of the day clear to be enjoyed.


Experience Primates With One Of Our Best-Selling Chimpanzee Trekking Saaris

As a seasoned Uganda-based tour operator with over a decade of experience, we understand that planning a safari in such a vast and diverse country can be daunting. 

To help you plan your adventure, we’re sharing three of our most popular chimpanzee trekking and primate-focused safaris.

Primate Habituation

Indulge in a unique African safari experience on a 10-day Uganda safari with chimp trekking, mountain gorilla trekking, and Golden Monkey habituation.

Extraordinary East Africa

Explore Rwanda and Uganda’s outstanding natural beauty, hospitality, and rare mountain gorillas, alongside chimpanzees, on this expansive East African itinerary.

Abundant Wildlife of Uganda

Connect with Uganda in this safari with local communities, landscapes, and wildlife like mountain gorillas, tree-climbing lions in Ishasha, and playful chimpanzees.


Why Choose Kikooko Africa Safaris

At Kikooko Africa Safaris, we are more than just tour operators. We are stewards of East Africa’s natural and cultural treasures.

Our dedication to creating immersive, responsible, and impactful experiences sets us apart.

Local Expertise

We are a locally owned and operated Uganda safaris company based in Entebbe, Uganda.

Positive Impact

We ensure that your journey contributes to wildlife conservation and community development initiatives.

Tailored Experiences

We customize your safari to match your interests, ensuring every moment is unforgettable.

5-Star Service

What Our Travelers Have Said About Our Uganda Safaris

Uganda by Kikooko - a unique experience Uganda's tourist potential is vast and to a large degree unspoilt. Kikooko as a whole and our tour guide Alex in particular gave us a truly unforgettable insight into the wonders of this amazing country. We were treated as friends and got to see the amazing variety of flora and fauna, enjoyed great places to stay and eat and, above all, experienced the friendliness of the Ugandan people. Every detail of our journey was perfectly planned and organized, and Alex displayed his passion for his profession and the country. Great experience, excellent service, passionate people!
Safari Company with heart and soul I met the founder of Kikooko at the travel fair in Zurich and told him about my dreams of Uganda and the Gorillas. He arranged a wonderful overland journey for me that was filled with activities around wildlife and culture. The driver-guide was friendly and professional, his knowledge and helpfulness great. I could just relax and feel safe and comfortable allover the country. Also traveling alone as a woman was no problem at all. People in Uganda are friendly and openhearted. Most of the lodges that were chosen for me were situated at beautiful spots and with delicous food. I can highly recommand KIKOOKO as a professional, trustworthy Safari Company with heart and soul. January 24 / Claudia Fauser
Denise S.
Denise S.
Es gab so vieles zu entdecken und Neues zu lernen. Es war Abenteuer pur! Die Reiseplanung mit Warren erfolgte per Mail. Die geplante Reise dauerte 3,5 Wochen und beinhaltete eine Rundreise von Entebbe zum Kidepo Valley National Park, zu den Gorillas im Bwindi Impenetrable Park bis zum Queen Elizabeth Park und zurück nach Entebbe. Auf Wünsche und Änderungen gingen das Kikooko Team immer ein und machten diverse Abklärungen. Die ganze Planung ging sehr gut und nicht stressig auf. Das Programm war voll mit sehr schönen Abenteuern und Begegnungen, sowohl mit den Tieren als auch mit den Menschen und ihren Kulturen. Die Menschen sind sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit. Sehr beeindruckend fand ich, dass immer sehr freundlich gegrüsst und zugewunken wurde! Kinder riefen und winkten am Strassenrand, teilweise rannten sie uns nach. In diesen 3 Wochen versuchte ich einzelne Wörter zu lernen, da war Ivan ein guter Lehrer, aber es ist eine sehr schwierige Sprache! Ich lernte sehr viel über dieses Land. Während der Reise fühlte ich mich immer sehr gut aufgehoben und sicher. Allein als Frau zu reisen, ist kein Problem. Ivan war ein sehr guter Guide, weiss sehr viel über die Tierwelt und schätzt Situationen gut und sicher ein. Er hat einen sehr angenehmen Fahrstil und umsorgte mich sehr. Ich konnte mir für die Fotografie sehr viel Zeit nehmen und ging immer auf meine Bedürfnisse ein. Lodges: die verschiedenen Lodges waren gut ausgestattet und sauber. WLAN war vorhanden, aber war tw. sehr langsam, je nach Wetter. Bei Dunkelheit wurde man in gewissen Lodges, dort wo Grosstiere wie Nashörner, Hippos, Elefanten oder Löwen zu Hause sind, zur Sicherheit ins Zimmer begleitet. Auto: es ist ein stabiles Auto und hatte diverse schwierige Strassen gut gemeistert (natürlich auch mit den perfekten Fahrkünsten von Ivan!). Ivan hatte es immer sehr sauber gehalten und geputzt. Das Dach liess sich anheben, damit man einen sehr guten Rundumblick hatte und perfekt fotografieren konnte. WLAN wurde kostenlos angeboten, was ich so noch nie gesehen habe. Gerade bei längeren Fahrten konnte man zu Hause ein Update geben und ein paar "Bilderkostproben" im Status hochladen. Handy laden im Auto ist mit Ladekabel und Adapter möglich! Wasser ist jederzeit abfüllbar im Auto parat, dazu wurde am Anfang der Reise von Warren eine Wasserflasche geschenkt, was ein super sinnvolles Geschenk und Erinnerung ist. Süssgetränke, Bier usw. ist alles da. Geld: Schilling lässt sich bei der Ankunft wechseln und Ivan schaut auch, wo der beste Kurs ist. 200 Dollar habe ich gewechselt, aber es ist kein Problem, mit Dollar, Euro oder sogar mit CHF zu bezahlen. Kreditkarten kann leider nur an wenigen Orten verwendet werden. Für jede Leistung von Guides usw. sollte man Trinkgeld gegeben. Es gibt keine ungefähre Definition, wie viel man mindestens geben sollte, denn man gibt, was man möchte. Wenn man sehr zufrieden ist, dann gibt man entsprechend. Das macht es sehr schwierig. Fotografie: die Stromversorgung in den Lodges waren immer gut und alle Geräte konnten problemlos mit dem entsprechenden Adapter geladen werden. Mein 3-Beinstativ habe ich nie gebraucht, da ich sehr gut mit dem Einbein im Auto und auch sonst fotografiert habe und sehr gute Ergebnisse hatte mit dem Teleobjektiv. Gorillatracking: ein 4h Besuch lohnt sich SEHR! Die Zeit zählt ab dann, wenn die Gorillas entdeckt wurde. Da sollte definitiv nicht gespart werden! Erst erwachen sie, gehen fressen und dann ist Chillen angesagt. Das braucht seine Zeit und ich hätte bereut, wenn ich nach 1h wieder hätte gehen müssen. Es war ein unglaubliches Erlebnis!!! Der Silberrücken streifte langsam und dicht an mir vorbei, 180kg geballte Ladung Muskeln! Ja doch, ich hatte etwas wacklige Beine. Die Guides gehen jeden Tag zu den Gorillas und kennen jeden Einzelnen und "kommunizieren" laufend mit dem Silberrücken und er antwortet darauf. Faszinierend! Es gibt keinen Weg im Wald, nur sehr anstrengende und steile Hänge mit sehr vielen Büschen und Stolperfallen. Gamaschen empfehle ich sehr einzupacken. Bei den Schimpansen habe ich es nicht angezogen und hatte dann einige sehr grosse Ameisen unter meinem Shirt und anderen Orten. Sie sind extrem schnell und können ganz schön kneifen, sind aber nicht giftig. Da die Gorillas auf 2200 m Höhe zu Hause sind, wird es gegen Abend/ Nacht kühl. Regenzeit: es ist nicht wie in der Schweiz, wo es Tagelang regnet. Meistens gab es einen 15 min Regenguss und dann kam wieder die Sonne oder es regnete in der Nacht immer wieder. Der Regen war warm. Tiere und Landschaft: einfach sensationell - das muss man gesehen haben! The Big 5 und noch sehr viel mehr durfte ich sehen! Unbeschreiblich schöne Landschaften, von Savanne, Buschlandschaft bis zum Wald. Highlight: alles! Ich komme wieder!
Robert S
Robert S
Must visit Absolutely epic! Everything exceeded expectations! Came for the Gorillas and they very much delivered. Coordinated by Warren and guided/driven by Alex, they went above to deliver a trip of a lifetime
John S
John S
Gorilla adventure of a lifetime Brilliant trip everything was better than expected, I came hoping to see gorillas and they exceeded expectations as did every day. I couldn't recommend the team more highly.
Adam P
Adam P
Come with high expectations, and expect them to be surpassed! This was the most amazing 7 days. From the second we landed we were treated to an unforgettable visit. The staff from the company were so accommodating and made sure that everything we did was perfect. There is honestly nothing I would change about my trip.
....a lifetime expierience.... Wir haben Kikooko Africa Safaris auf einer Ferienmesse im Februar 23 kennengelernt. Danach haben wir eine Offerte angefordert, worin wir unsere Wünsche geäussert haben. Auf diese Wünsche wurde super eingegangen und nach einigen Mail/WhatsApp Wechseln mit dem Geschäftsteilhaber entstand unsere Reise. Denoch zögerten wir zuerst ein bisschen- da wir niemanden kannen, der schon mit Kikooko gereist wäre- haben dann aber dank den ausgezeichneten Rückmeldungen und Reaktionen auf Fragen unsererseits, beschlossen, Kikooko zu vertrauen. Der Kontakt zu Warren blieb bis zu unserer Reise hervorragend. Wann immer eine Frage auftauchte, bekam ich sie prompt beantwortet. Wir wurden auch bezüglich der Gorillatrekking Permits usw immer auf dem Laufenden gehalten. Dann endlich Start der Reise. Wir wurden vom Flughafen abgeholt und gleich von einem sehr angenehmen, vertrauenserweckenden Guide in Empfang genommen. Am nächsten Tag kam Warren sogar selber noch vorbei, um uns zu begrüssen. Wir wurden am ersten Tag perfekt ausgerüstet- mit einer LifeStraw Flasche , einem Notfalltelefon und einem Kästchen, mit welchem wir immer gratis WLAN hatten. Chris, unser Guide war einfach perfekt. Er hat unsere Reise einfach super organisiert, an alles gedacht und uns immer vorzu informiert. Zudem wusste er einfach alles über Land, Leute, Vegetation und Tiere- was auf immer wir fragten- Chris wusste eine Antwort. Zudem war seine Gesellschaft äusserst angenehm- ein richtig toller Mensch. Wir haben uns in seiner Gesellschaft immer gut aufgehoben und sicher gefühlt. Die Strassen waren nicht immer einfach zu befahren- entweder wegen Schlamm, Pfützen, Löchern oder wegen viel Verkehr, Tieren oder Menschen. Chris hat uns überallhin sicher geführt. Zudem ist er schon auf unsere Wünsche eingegangen, bevor wir sie geäusster haben - so kam es uns jedenfalls vor... Unsere Camps und Lodgen waren alle wunderschön-nicht nur die gehobeneren, sondern auch die einfacheren. Die Tiervielfalt in Uganda unglaublich- an viele Tiere kann man ganz nahe heran. Die Menschen sind offen, fröhlich und freundlich, die Landschaft unglaublich grün und vielfältig. Ganz spezielle und unglaubliche Erlebnisse waren natürlich das Gorillatrekking und Schimpansentrekking. Ein weiteres unvergessliches Erlebnis war der Besuch eines Dorfes- abseits jeglichen Tourismuses. Es war eine absolut unvergessliche Reise- einfach perfekt von A-Z. Vielen Dank Kikooko African Safaris- wir werden euch jederzeit und allen uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen- und gerne wiederkommen um eine weitere Reise mit Chris zu unternehmen.... Das schwierigste wird nun für mich, die vielen vielen vielen tollen Fotos so auszusortieren, dass ich ein Fotobuch machen kann..... :-)
Sally D
Sally D
Beautiful Uganda An exceptional company that goes above and beyond to guarantee you have an excellent time in Uganda. Highly recommend!
Mick K
Mick K
Een bijzonder bedrijf met de de beste gidsen What an amazing group of people at this company. They are very proud of their beautiful country and realy want you to feel welcome. They go the extra mile to let you get in touch with the local customs and communities.
Ollie R
Ollie R
The only team to book for your Uganda trip Incredible experience from the moment we were picked up from the airport by Alex and Godfried. The team were always professional, reassuring and kind. They are a business that truly cares for its customers and they are right in what they say, arrive as strangers, leave as friends. Highly recommended!


Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about what chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania is like? Here are answers to common questions we receive from travelers like you:

The costs associated with chimpanzee trekking can vary, primarily based on the location and the type of permit you choose. Here’s an overview to help you plan your adventure.

  • Rwanda
    • The chimpanzee trekking permit in Nyungwe National Park costs $150 for foreign non-residents. This does not include the $100 park entry fee.
  • Uganda
    • Kibale National Park: Known for its high population of chimpanzees, Kibale offers regular chimpanzee trekking permits at $250 per foreign non-resident. Additionally, there is a chimpanzee habituation experience available for $300 per person, which allows for an extended time with the chimpanzees and participation in the habituation process. Depending on your interest, this can be a half-day or even full-day experience.
    • Kyambura Gorge - QENP: The chimpanzee tracking permit here is $100 per foreign non-resident.
    • Budongo Central Forest Reserve: Chimpanzee tracking permit is $130, inclusive of entry fees. A chimpanzee habituation permit is also offered, though normally during the low season (March - May).
    • Kalinzu Central Forest Reserve: The chimpanzee tracking permit is $130, inclusive of entry fees.
  • Tanzania
    • Gombe Stream National Park: As the site of Jane Goodall’s groundbreaking research, Gombe Stream offers a unique trekking experience with permits costing $100 per person. This cost includes park entry and guide fees.
    • Mahale Mountains National Park: Trekking permits here are priced at $150 per foreign visitor. This park offers some of the best chimpanzee viewing opportunities in Africa, set against the stunning backdrop of Lake Tanganyika.

The terms "chimpanzee tracking" and "chimpanzee trekking" are often used interchangeably, but they can convey slightly different aspects of the experience:

  • Chimpanzee Tracking refers to the process of searching for chimpanzees in their natural habitat. It involves following signs and signals (like vocalizations, nests, and food remains) to locate the chimpanzees. This term emphasizes the tracking skills needed to find the animals. This is also how agencies like the Uganda Wildlife Authority refer to their permits.
  • Chimpanzee Trekking generally refers to the overall experience of hiking through the chimpanzees' natural environment, which includes tracking but also emphasizes the journey and experience of walking through the forest, observing the wildlife and scenery along the way.

Both terms are correct, but "trekking" might be more comprehensive, suggesting a broader adventure that includes not just finding chimpanzees but also experiencing their environment.

We’re biased, but absolutely! Chimpanzee trekking is a really special experience, offering unique insights into the behavior of one of humanity's closest relatives in their natural habitat. Here are a few reasons why we think you’ll love it, too: 

  • Educational Value - Observing chimpanzees up close provides fascinating insights into their complex social structures, behaviors, and intelligence. It's an educational experience that deepens the understanding of wildlife conservation.
  • Conservation Support - Participating in chimpanzee trekking contributes financially to the conservation of chimpanzees and their habitats. The fees collected help fund community projects and anti-poaching efforts that protect these primates.
  • Emotional Impact - The experience of being near chimpanzees in the wild can be emotionally impactful, creating lasting memories and a greater appreciation for the natural world.

Chimpanzee trekking in East Africa generally has an age limit to ensure the safety of both the participants and the animals. Most parks and conservation areas have set a minimum age limit for trekking:

  • Uganda: In places like Kibale National Park, the minimum age for chimpanzee trekking is typically 12 years old. This age restriction helps ensure that children are able to handle the physical demands of trekking and are mature enough to follow safety guidelines during the encounter.
  • Rwanda: In Nyungwe National Park, the age limit for chimpanzee trekking is also 12 years old. Similar to Uganda, this policy is in place to ensure the safety of the trek and respect for the chimpanzees’ natural behavior.
  • Tanzania: For Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains National Parks, the minimum age is usually around 12 to 15 years old. The specific age can vary depending on the park’s regulations and the discretion of the trekking guides.

These age restrictions are important for ensuring that all participants are capable of enduring potentially strenuous walks through dense forests and hilly terrain, and can comply with the behavioral guidelines required to minimize stress on the chimpanzees.

Choosing between Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania for chimpanzee trekking depends on what you’re looking for:

  • Uganda offers the most variety in chimpanzee trekking experiences, including opportunities for habituation experiences in Kibale National Park, making it a top choice for depth of interaction
  • Rwanda is known for its accessibility and the beautiful Nyungwe National Park, which provides well-organized treks and the chance to see large groups of chimpanzees
  • Tanzania offers a unique experience in Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains National Parks, where treks often combine chimpanzee sightings with spectacular settings along Lake Tanganyika


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